Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Welcome to the Hunter Friends of Creation Ministries 2017

Exciting Recent Videos of 2016 Creation
Camp International Speakers
1st Sunday Monthly 2:30pm (except Jan)
Heights Church of Christ
137 Croudace St, New Lambton

Uncommon Descent by Illustra Media
Update: June 2017

Newcastle, Australia                   
We are a dedicated band of supporters within the Hunter and Central Coasts regions ranging from all ages and walks of life, meeting on a regular basis monthly (4th Thursday night 7.00pm-9.30pm) to promote, support and encourage Creation Ministries within our areas.
Creation Ministries can be found at http://creation.com/ and what we believe (Statement of Faith) is at http://creation.com/about-us#what_we_believe .
Free films are shown between 2pm-5pm on the 1st Sunday (Newcastle) and 3rd Sunday (Kanwal) of each month on the large screen, so bring your friends or family.

If you like what you see and wish to help then come and join us, contact :

David Brook  dbrook8@bigpood.com
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The Heights Church of Christ (137 Croudace St, New Lambton Heights)
Where our monthly meetings are held, and Newcastle Screenings also.
The Creation Bookshop & Resource Centre
(located at The Heights Church of Christ).

Biovisions ( The Inner Life of the Cell ) Harvard University.
Do you really believe all this came from an accident ?

Free downloads of the following Nobel Laureates and other quotes can be found at:

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Isaac Newton and Atheism (Video)

A free pictorial display containing (128 A4 pictures) that will come to you. Details at http://godcreationandthecosmos.blogspot.com/ 
Free pictures of space (NASA) with bible verses are at : http://www.slideshare.net/stevecamo1/something-beautiful-thanks-nasa-2010

Sunday, August 23, 2015

As we move through the second half of the year I have been reminded that some people are counting down towards Christmas, so don't forget that the bookshop at a Newcastle has most of the items listed in the CMI catalogue, so you are able to browse them personally which makes it easier to choose a suitable present for someone. Kanwal will have selected items available at monthly screenings also.

Each month we continue to screen at both sites popular  DVDs from the CMI range , or at Newcastle there is the option to see a DVD on the Bookshop TV, for personal selection. Children's items are also available.
Why not drop for a visit if you have not yet done so, it's an opportunity to meet the team of dedicated volunteers who keep this outreach going, using their own time to do so on a regular basis.

Hope to see you soon at Newcastle or Kanwal!